Hi Friends!

 Thank you so much for coming to visit! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to continue to inspire children to learn, laugh, read, share, show kindness, and use their imagination.


I was raised in a family of teachers, musicians, and composers. In a small children's theatre class, age 14, at Eisenhower High School in Yakima Washington, I discovered my life's purpose. Teaching, directing, entertaining, and performing for young audiences has been my passion ever since.

In 1996, I began my professional career with the co-founding of Imagination Express. This San Diego based children's theatre company has had a long-standing mission to bring positive messages to young audiences. Performing for thousands of children, through the universal language of mime, we have brought laughter and joy into hundreds of libraries and schools throughout our region.

I've taught drama and directed plays for over a decade. I graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts from San Diego State University. In 2003, I delved into the colorful art of balloon sculpture and clowning. I began a children's entertainment company, Creative Entertainment, in 2005. I have been invited to thousands of backyard birthday parties, family engagements, and corporate events. Live performance has been my passion and my life. As a mime, actor, musician, and balloon artist, I have worked to highlight the importance of sharing, friendship, kindness, imagination, and reading for young audiences in my region.

I began conceiving the idea of building an online video and music library geared toward young audiences, ages 2 to 7, in January of 2019, in order to reach more children with these valuable messages. I began writing scripts and producing music.

Our friends in the show (Bosco, Fuzz, Squeaky & Marvin Monkey) have helped  to enhance the content and growth of each show. We are all thrilled and honored to use our talents to bring joy and fun learning to your home or classroom.